Something I noticed:

These two songs are basically counterparts.

Helping Twi Win the Crown was about bringing the school together in friendship.

Battle of the Bands is pretty much subtlety debunking the message of the previous song, and splitting the student body apart with anger and pride.

I don’t know if it was intentional (had to be), but I love it!


Did you see that?.. do you guess some changelings or some creature from ponyland?

…….Oh my GOOOOOOOOD!!!!!


I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I think there are a couple of similarities here.


Asker Anonymous Asks:
If there was ever a live action Soul Eater movie, what do you think of the possibility of Jim Carrey playing Lord Death will be?
cinemalover17 cinemalover17 Said:


I have been lucky enough to have received very good questions lately that can generate excellent discussions with more than just the person submitting the question and me. Thank you for this great question, Anonymous!

Before I respond to the more specific question about Jim Carrey (which I’ll answer in a separate re-blog, or re-blogs, later today), I hope you do not mind if I use your question first as a springboard to a broader topic as part of another random question:

If you could have your ideal Soul Eater live action film, who would you cast?

As with my previous question about dream casting, be as unrealistic in your casting as you want.  Cast actors who do not usually do such live action adaptations.  Cast no-names to big-names; stage to television to film; living, dead, or something in-between; actors from Japan, the United States, anywhere.

(…Just avoid making it into another The Last Airbender…)

So long as Shamalon (I can’t spell it) stays away from it, we should have a fighting chance

Spirit: I’M GONNA BE SICK!!!

Spirit: I’M GONNA BE SICK!!!

Okay, I love Hades, he was an awesome character, but…can someone tell me which part of him is his skin and which is his freakin clothes?!

Is the red black thing his chest or part of his clothing? Are the things on his wrist skin flaps or…what…? What the hell are they?!


I’m throwing ships at you. Judge me not, mortals.

What’s the second pic from?

Look at these babies! There’s so adorable!


What happened to Poof?

I’m assuming (hoping) he’s just at the magic school. Otherwise…their lack of continuity is reaching a new low…


On a newer episode of The Fairly OddParents they contradicted a major plot point presented like twelve years ago while acknowledging it at the same time just to fit in one of their newer characters and why would you do that it upsets me so much.

I’m assuming you mean Let Sleeper Dogs Lie, where they effed up the entire backstory that made Crocker a likable and understandable character.