It happened with griffons, alicorns, changelings, and breezies.

Prepare your jimmies.

Captioned by Meowogn

…these so called beautiful creatures aren’t really designed that well…I think they’re human forms are more appealing.



I had a horrifying realization; the Dazzlings?

They might starve to death.

Without their amulets, they can’t absorb the energy of hatred, and it’s pretty clear from the words they use in reference to it that they feed off it. They refer to the hatred in the beginning as a meal, and during…

I’m pretty sure it’s “Come and HEED us…”

I know everyone’s pretty much told ya they can eat normal food too, so I won’t harp on that. I just wanted to point out the lyrics


I can beat you!


Ha! You wish!


I so want this!


Not if I get it first!

I thought they would be changelings.

Sirens are cool and make more sense and all, but most of their songs and dialogue say they will be “adored” by the crowds. Just sayin…

Ohhhhh next week is NOT gonna be a good night for me….



What is with Hewitt and jet planes falling from the sky?!?!

Glad I’m not the only one that had Ghost Whisper Flash backs

Can you imagine if instead of a 9/11 reference, she’d just said she’d lost a friend in a plane crash?

Holy crap that could’ve tied the two universes together so freakin well! I know there’s more that keeps it from doing that, but this would’ve been an ingenious reference to please GW fans.

What is with Hewitt and jet planes falling from the sky?!?!


everyone from the hub (the channel that aired mlp) was laid off when they made the merge to discovery

bronies are taking this information and saying shit like “OMG WHAT ABOUT MLP SEASON 5”


They got laid off?! Holy crap I didn’t know that! That sucks! D-:


I have only been in this fandom for about two weeks and I have lost control of myself.

Also, I’m not as funny as I think I am.

I was about to laugh and then…



Oh yeah, watching some good old Danny Phantom!

I forgot Skulker had a different voice in the beginning. Funny, but I think I like his newer one better.


Major if guys!! Trust your gut after you read this. (SPOILERS!) BTW credit goes to xQuote on ifunny.

I would definitely love it if these were real; especially Sweet Apple Showdown! I don’t know what the rest says, but it’s got Flim and Flam in the summary, so I’m hoping for it.